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Love Monsters

my children's book

I originally wanted to write a book directly for my portfolio and to build experience but never put much thought into one, especially a children's book. Around Halloween I was painting little monsters on small canvas' for a festival I was vending at and I loved them so much I decided that I would make a children's book based on them considering I already had characters. My mother pushed me more towards ideas for the book so I started drawing them out. I eventually got really inspired with it and worked on it non-stop while actually re-doing everything at one point. I had help from the people in my life which made it much easier to get accomplished. Now I would love to sell them and get them out into the world and share a cute story about the legendary "monsters under the bed" myth. I painted the images and characters with colorful gouache paint to give the book a playful and childish feel. It is also gender neutral, as I made both main characters a male and female (the younger sister and the green love monster).

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Love Monsters is available for sale on for only $12.00. It is also available on the Barnes and Noble website and on the shelves of the Naples location!

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